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Election signature requirements modified due to Covid-19 (access required)

Difficulties in obtaining signatures because of Covid-19, including bans on large public gatherings, resulted in the court’s modifying the signature requirements for candidates running for Congress and the presidency. Background In Virginia, independent and minor party candidates seeking national office ...

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Superintendent’s response to criticism not clearly unlawful (access required)

Where a plaintiff brought gender bias and retaliation claims against a school superintendent, alleging his response to her criticisms was different from his response to males who questioned his decision making, the superintendent was entitled to immunity on the § ...

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Jury to decide if doctor was terminated due to patient safety complaints (access required)

A jury will decide if the doctor’s employment agreement was legitimately terminated because of his alleged violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPPA, or if his termination was because of his complaints about patient safety, which ...

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Virginia expert certification not required in federal court malpractice case (access required)

Although a Virginia statute requires an opinion of a certifying expert as of the time service of process is requested in a medical malpractice case, and a Tennessee statute requires a certificate of good faith to be filed with the ...

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Unwanted contact, comments back hostile environment claim (access required)

Where the plaintiff, who had only recently turned 18, alleged she was subjected to a co-worker’s unwelcome physical contact and comments sexualizing her gender and referencing her physical appearance, she has stated a claim of a hostile work environment. Background ...

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