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Alleged restraint, assault backs hostile environment (access required)

Where a home health care worker alleged she was touched repeatedly against her will; forced to touch her harasser’s penis through his pants; forcibly restrained and assaulted and subjected to his lying in wait and then exposing himself, she plausibly ...

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Comments after massacre not of ‘public concern’ (access required)

Where a former Virginia Beach city employee was terminated for making comments that she believed a gunman who killed and injured several city employees was “pushed until he snapped” and may have been bullied by supervisors, her comments were individualized ...

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Jurisdictional discovery objections overruled (access required)

Each of the defendant’s objections to jurisdictional discovery was rejected, including its patently improper general objections, overbreadth arguments that were inadequately supported, assertions the court erred in allowing the discovery in the first place and claims of privilege without a ...

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SSA’s fraud decisions ‘arbitrary and capricious’ (access required)

It was “arbitrary and capricious” and a violation of due process for the Social Security Administration, or SSA, to categorically terminate the benefits of a class of claimants without giving them an opportunity to rebut the allegation that their benefits ...

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Officer lacked reasonable suspicion for stop (access required)

Where a Stafford County deputy initially offered to assist the plaintiff with his disabled vehicle, but then demanded the plaintiff produce identification, that demand converted the voluntary encounter into an investigatory stop for which the officer lacked reasonable suspicion of ...

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