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Protective order return of service not testimonial (access required)

Where appellant purchased a firearm while subject to a protective order, the return of service of the order was not testimonial and therefore not subject to the Sixth Amendment’s Confrontation Clause. As a result, appellant cannot challenge his misdemeanor conviction ...

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Ending support to cohabitating party not unconscionable (access required)

Where the ex-wife was receiving spousal support while habitually cohabitating with another person “in a relationship analogous to a marriage for one year or more,” Code § 20-109, the trial court erred by reducing the support award instead of terminating ...

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Failure to obtain ruling waived search challenge (access required)

Where appellant objected to the admission of evidence on Fourth Amendment grounds but never obtained a ruling from the trial court, he has not preserved the issue for appeal. Prior procedure As appellant was leaving a friend’s house, two police ...

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Reimposed sentences served consecutively (access required)

Appellant’s reimposed sentences will be served consecutively because the original sentencing order is best understood as providing for concurrent service of the active sentences and consecutive terms for the suspended sentences. Overview In August 2016, appellant was convicted of grand ...

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Equivocal testimony did not bar award (access required)

Even though the evidence was equivocal concerning where claimant was working when he fell and was injured, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission properly awarded him medical benefits and temporary total disability benefits. Facts Claimant was a carpenter working on a ...

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