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Death row confinement violates Eighth Amendment (access required)

Where Virginia’s death row inmates were subject to confinement conditions that posed a substantial risk of serious psychological and emotional harm when they first filed their lawsuit, but changes made while the lawsuit was pending ended any Eighth Amendment violation, ...

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School’s accreditation loss did not violate due process rights (access required)

Where a decision to revoke a school’s accreditation after the school failed to meet graduation rate requirements relied on a recommendation made by a team that included the president of a competing school, the level of competition between the schools ...

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Creditor could garnish accounts to collect on contempt order (access required)

A plaintiff was entitled to collect on a contempt award against a national business franchise by garnishing two bank accounts in the franchise’s name because the current owner of the franchise failed to establish that it had actually loaned money ...

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Employee’s previous drug orders were intrinsic to the offenses (access required)

Where an employee was charged with fraudulently obtaining hydrocodone in 2011 through her position at a solo dental practice, the employee’s history of ordering drugs for the practice since 2002 was admissible to show the employee’s pattern of conduct and ...

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Coal company’s carrier liable for employee’s black lung benefits (access required)

Where an insurance company first began providing coverage for a coal company one day before a miner resigned from the company, and the miner was first diagnosed with legal pneumoconiosis approximately one month later, the insurance company was liable for ...

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