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Panel did not disregard law in ruling for investors (access required)

Where a broker executed trades on investors’ portfolio margin accounts in clear violation of a rule of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc., or FINRA, the arbitration panel did not manifestly disregard the law by imposing liability against the broker, ...

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Plaintiff precluded from introducing damages evidence at trial (access required)

Where a party claiming it was improperly excluded from a joint venture provided only lost revenue information in discovery, and not its lost profits, it was precluded from introducing damages evidence at trial. However, it could recover nominal damages on ...

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Softball coach offers direct evidence of gender discrimination (access required)

Where a man who applied to be head varsity softball coach was told he didn’t get the position because the school preferred female employees, that was direct evidence of discrimination. Although the school board claimed there were other reasons he ...

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Complaint fails to allege ‘debt’ covered by FDCPA (access required)

Where the complaint included only conclusory allegations that communication from a debt collection agency involved “debt” within meaning of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the suit was dismissed. Background Kristyn Epps filed a putative class action complaint, asserting a ...

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Tax on internet provider’s gross revenue disapproved (access required)

Where the city of Norfolk levies its Business, Professional, and Occupational License tax on an internet provider’s gross income, this violates the federal Internet Tax Freedom Act unless Norfolk’s tax has been grandfathered under the ITFA. The court does not ...

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Landowners granted injunction to block Lee statue removal (access required)

Where plaintiffs, who own property near a statue of Robert E. Lee on Monument Avenue in the city of Richmond, seek an injunction to bar the governor’s decision to remove the statue, a temporary injunction is issued. Plaintiffs have established ...

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