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P.I. claimant could not sue shipowner in state court (access required)

Where a ship worker brought personal injury claims against the shipowner and the owner of the shipyard in state court, and the owner of the shipyard asserted a contribution and indemnification claim against the shipowner, the shipowner was entitled to ...

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‘Gimmick’ with money order didn’t satisfy mortgage (access required)

Where a mortgagee had an undisputed outstanding principal balance of $60,000, his tender of a $890 money order with the words “tendered as full satisfaction of the claim” inscribed in tiny, nearly indecipherable handwriting at the bottom and the mortgage ...

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Coal miner’s suit against respirator companies untimely (access required)

Where coal miner filed his products liability claims against the companies who sold, manufactured, designed and marketed the respirators he used within two years after he was diagnosed with complicated coal workers’ pneumoconiosis, his claims were still barred by the ...

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Definiteness of patent delayed until claim construction (access required)

Where a patent for an accumulation table that conveys products from one production machine to another included functional language describing how the accumulation table was to be used, it would be premature to determine whether the functional language rendered the ...

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School Board not liable for custodian’s acts (access required)

A school cafeteria employee is alleging a coworker created a hostile work environment by leering, snarling and grimacing at her and other female employees. Background Judy Atkins alleges that her former employer, the Smyth County Virginia School Board, and her ...

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