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Personal Injury

Treating physicians may testify regarding cause of injury

Where a woman’s treating physicians reached their opinions while treating her that a motor vehicle accident caused her spinal injury, no expert report was necessary. And where the opinions were disclosed during discovery and depositions, there was no prejudice to ...

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Trooper’s testimony incorrectly admitted in car crash case

Where a police officer’s testimony amounted to his subjective interpretation of what plaintiff told him while he was investigating an accident, in which defendant rear-ended plaintiff’s car, the trial court should have excluded the testimony. Trouble ahead Grimsley, the plaintiff, ...

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Sports arena waited too long to notify insurer of accident

Where an indoor sports arena waited 18 months before notifying its insurer about an accident on its premises, and the insurer experienced difficulty in investigating the accident, including interviewing witnesses, it had no duty to defend or indemnify the facility. ...

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