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Personal Injury

Mother has standing in intrauterine insemination suit (access required)

A mother has standing to sue the United States, on behalf of her deceased children, for medical malpractice allegedly committed by military medical providers that led to the death of two fetuses and three children who died shortly after birth. ...

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Trucking company beats vicarious liability claim in wrongful death suit (access required)

In a wrongful death suit, a husband’s attempt to sue a trucking company for vicarious liability based on an alleged joint venture with another defendant, was defeated because he could not show the company was involved in a joint venture. ...

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No jurisdiction for defamation claim against UK newspaper (access required)

Plaintiff, a solicitor in the United Kingdom and a California resident, has not demonstrated how this court can assert personal jurisdiction over his defamation claim against the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, arising from matters occurring in the UK involving ...

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