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Personal Injury

Third-party claims dismissed with prejudice (access required)

Where a municipality sought contribution and equitable indemnification from an excavating company that performed work two years earlier in the area where plaintiff was injured when she fell into a depression in the ground, the excavating company’s demurrer is sustained ...

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Post-sale duty to warn about defective product recognized (access required)

Although the Virginia Supreme Court has yet to recognize a post-sale duty to warn, the court held a manufacturer is liable for failing to warn about dangers discovered after selling a product if it was reasonable to provide such warnings. ...

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Store sanctioned for not preserving footage of slip/fall (access required)

Where a Kroger’s security camera recorded portions of a customer’s slip and fall but failed to preserve the footage, multiple sanctions were imposed, including that the store’s summary judgment motion was denied, the jury would be instructed regarding the lost ...

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