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Verdicts & Settlements

Trial Report No. 93-T230 Products Liability (access required)

Flammable Contact Adhesive – Severe Burns, Permanent Disability Type of Action Products liability action alleging negligence and breach of warranty for failure to warn about extremely flammable nature of a contact adhesive. The defendant also failed to warn that this ...

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Trial Report No. 93-T246 Negligence (access required)

Runaway Tire – Back Injury Type of Action Alleged negligence – plaintiff hit by runaway tire Type of Injuries Low back disc surgery Name of Case Julia M. Weber v. Luther Grizzle, et ux. Court/Case No. Scott County Circuit Court, ...

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Trial Report No. 92-T267 Negligence (access required)

Auto Accident – Fireman’s Rule – Chest, Back & Finger Injuries Type of Action Motor vehicle collision – personal injury Type of Injuries Chest contusions, cervical spine sprain, dorsolumbar spine sprain and left little finger sprain Name of Case Michael ...

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Trial Report No. 93-T33 Negligence (access required)

Maritime Law – Defective Gear – Arm Injury Type of Action Maritime personal injury Type of Injuries Arm laceration and muscle crush Name of Case Charles Armstrong v. “Christopher’s Spirit,” Charles Christopher, et al. Court/Case No. U.S. District Court for ...

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Trial Report No. 93-T49 Medical Malpractice (access required)

Hip Replacement – Leg-Length Discrepancy Type of Action Medical malpractice Type of Injuries 27 mm leg-length discrepancy following hip replacement Name of Case Barclay v. Eglevsky Court/Case No. City of Fredericksburg Circuit Court, No. CL92-115 Special Damages Medical bills, $21,706, ...

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Trial Report No. 93-T66 Negligence (access required)

Auto Accident – Rear-End Collision – Back Injuries Type of Action Rear-end collision – back injuries Type of Injuries Aggravation of preexisting ruptured disk in lumbar spine Name of Case Ronnie Hall v. Travis W. Greear and William T. Dye ...

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