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What happened to the public trial and public access to courts? (access required)


The Sixth Amendment guarantees that criminal defendants have the right to a public trial, but pre-COVID 19 many criminal and non-criminal proceedings were open and accessible to the public.[1]  Today, many courthouses do not let in members of the general ...

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Time to end lifetime federal appointments (access required)


Recently I was doing some honest-to-goodness work editing North Carolina Lawyers Weekly, and I ended up getting sucked down an internet rabbit hole that convinced me that Article III of the U.S. Constitution, creating our federal judiciary, is in need ...

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What comes after the Great Pause? (access required)

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As the effects of the coronavirus pandemic extend past what many thought would last just a few weeks, this strange period has touched all of us in some way, whether by the virus itself, or the fallout from it. Those ...

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Pro bono: A call to service (access required)


Virginia courts began reopening in May as COVID-19 restrictions eased, and evictions began in some courts but have now been suspended until June 28 under the Supreme Court’s order of June 8. Virginia’s legal aid programs, already unable to meet ...

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Statement of the Old Dominion Bar Association


“Just take your knee off of our necks” – Rev. Al Sharpton I don’t believe in making a statement just for the purpose of making a statement. Over the last 11 days, many people, businesses, and organizations have made statements ...

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Business valuation in the time of the plague (access required)


Say your client or their spouse has an ownership interest in a business, and that business is marital property. Since the nationwide shutdown began, the value of that business has gone down. What do you do now? Everyone hopes this ...

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Remote mediation: Best practices for lawyers (access required)


In the blink of an eye, the pandemic changed everything.  Even courts have curtailed their activities.  Yet, the disputes confronting our citizens have not abated. Lawyers have responded to these challenges by using phones, desktops, laptops and tablets to mediate ...

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