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The challenge of the closing argument – a perspective (access required)

The purpose of the closing argument is to incite jurors or a judge to render the decision you request. It is not about impressing listeners with your eloquence. According to the apocryphal tale, when listeners heard Demosthenes, they would remark, ...

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Giving ourselves productive space: 12 five-minute, value-added habits (access required)

The end of the year is a perfect time to pause and reflect on what has transpired — the impacts made and the insights discovered. You may find you pivoted from the original plan by experimenting with hybrid work environments, ...

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Make the most of charitable giving with your IRA (access required)

When we think about leaving a charitable giving legacy, making a bequest from our estate naturally comes to mind. However, individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, can be an attractive and flexible way to manage charitable gifts and meet estate planning ...

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Supreme Court provides guidance on service by publication (access required)

Virginia Code §§ 8.01-316 et seq. allow service by publication in certain cases, including where the identity or whereabouts of the defendant are unknown. The process is initiated by affidavit attesting to the grounds for proceeding by publication followed by ...

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Hazards of informal advice: friends, family and cocktail parties (access required)

There is a well-worn joke about a lawyer who runs into an old acquaintance on the street. “I’m so glad to see you!” the friend exclaims. “I’m in terrible trouble — can I ask you a couple of questions?” “Of ...

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‘Twas the night before the office holiday party (access required)

Holiday party

Back when I was a kid, books and nighttime stories were simple. There were no duplicitous meanings, jokes only adults understood, or room for interpretation. The stories said what they meant. For example, my mom read me the Berenstain Bears ...

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Tips to help tackle holiday stress (access required)

We’re heading into what’s often dubbed “the most wonderful time of the year,” and you may agree. Still, added pressures amid the holiday season can test even the jolliest of elves. Beyond the usual decorating, shopping, cooking, social obligations and ...

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Exciting advances in IP theft investigations (access required)

Are you concerned your company’s intellectual property or proprietary data may have been misappropriated, lost or shared with unauthorized parties, intentionally or negligently? Typically, IP theft occurs shortly before or after an employee tenders their employment termination notice. Creating a ...

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