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Going deep: The price of entry for cultural transformation (access required)

Employees working together

Leading an organization, especially during turbulent times, requires clarity of vision and the changes required to manifest it. A vision isn’t just about where an organization is going, but what it is becoming. Changes might be strategic shifts in services, ...

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Win more often: Avoid fallacies in your advocacy (access required)

Attorney making argument in court

A fallacy is a mistake in reasoning. It can undermine your case. Therefore, it is important to examine your own planned written and oral presentations. Also, carefully consider opposing presentations to determine whether they “hold water” or are fallacious. Remember, ...

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The first principle is not to fool yourself (access required)

Businessman looking overly confident

We spend so much time and money trying to protect and enforce our rights against others that we overlook threats from within ourselves. The famous physicist, Richard Feynman, said, “The first principle is not to fool yourself — and you ...

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How to successfully navigate the uncertainty of waiting (access required)

Lawyer waiting before meeting

For lawyers, having to navigate uncertainty usually starts with the first reading assignment in law school. Uncertainty grows as students wait for their grades to come out after their first set of final exams and every round of finals thereafter, ...

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Remote control: Real-world benefits of virtual litigation (access required)

Virtual litigation concept

Winning a trial in a complex commercial case is challenging. Managing the logistics of discovery, preparation, and trial presentation is daunting. One might think that litigating such a case in the midst of a pandemic would prolong and complicate the ...

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Open letter to the editor: Well-Being Week in Law (access required)

May 2 through May 6 was Well-Being Week in Law, a week established by the Institute for Well-Being in Law that is focused on a genuine attempt to make practical recommendations for positive change in the legal profession — a ...

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Be on alert for possible cyberattacks (access required)

Cybersecurity concept

“Stephen – America is under attack.” These are the words that my dad woke me up to on Sept. 11, 2001. Talk about a jarring way to come out of a deep slumber as a middle schooler. It’s a story ...

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Is your firm’s intake system working as well as it should? (access required)

Meeting to discuss case intake

Intake is one of the most critical aspects of any law firm. But far too often firms don’t give the intake process the special attention it deserves. When that happens, money goes flying out the door. Marketing spend is wasted ...

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Tips for successful privilege review setup (access required)

Kicking off a managed document review requires many steps, from the drafting of the review protocol to setting up the coding panel for review. Attorneys who have set up managed review projects are familiar with many of the components that ...

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Fighting stigma: A lawyer’s mental health journey (access required)

Plant sprouting

Anxiety is the most common mental health issue among the general population. Anxiety can range from being a protective response to a potential threat to being an overwhelming impediment that can lead to feeling overwhelmed or paralyzed. One factor that ...

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