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Police reasonably ordered mental health evaluation (access required)

Where the police had a reasonable belief that the plaintiff posed a danger to herself and others, they were entitled to qualified immunity against claims arising from her detention for a mental health evaluation. Background Kerrin Barrett brought this action ...

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Permit requirement insufficient for traffic stop (access required)

Although regulations prohibit “commercial vehicles” from driving on the George Washington Parkway unless authorized by permit, the mere fact the defendant was driving a commercial vehicle on the parkway did not provide a basis to stop his vehicle. The marijuana ...

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Juvenility considered in imposing life sentence (access required)

After the defendant was sentenced to life without parole for crimes committed when he was 17, the Supreme Court held that, when sentencing a minor to life without parole, the court must consider the defendant’s “youth and attendant characteristics.” Because ...

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HHS abortion rule enjoined (access required)

A rule promulgated by the Department of Health and Human Services, prohibiting physicians and other providers in Title X programs from referring patients for an abortion and imposing other requirements on entities receiving Title X funds, was enjoined. HHS inadequately ...

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