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Vagisan mark is confusingly similar to Vagisil (access required)

Where Vagisil, the trademark for women’s health care products is commercially strong, and Vagisan, the mark for German-based products is “sufficiently similar” and a consumer survey showed actual confusion, the Vagisan trademark was rejected. Background Since the mid-1970s, Combe Inc. ...

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$100M grill judgment against Walmart wasn’t well done (access required)


Nearly three years after a federal jury found that Walmart had infringed a competitor’s trademark in marketing its line of barbecue grills, a federal appeals court has determined that the trial didn’t cut the mustard. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court ...

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Refusal, not service, was reason for termination (access required)

Where an employee of the Drug Enforcement Administration was terminated because he refused to participate in a DEA internal investigation, not because of his Coast Guard service, his claims under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994, ...

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Judge rejects immunity for officers who locked up overdose patient (access required)

Officers that arrested and jailed a severely intoxicated man who later died of an overdose are not entitled to qualified immunity in a lawsuit alleging they should have sought medical help, a federal appeals court has ruled. The ruling by ...

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