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Lack of Chinese counsel or interpreter no defense to agreement (access required)

A company president who signed three agreements with a Chinese company that contained clauses requiring arbitration of any disputes in China could not use his unilateral decision not to hire his own Chinese counsel or his own independent Chinese interpreter ...

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Ban on viewing sexually arousing materials is part of treatment plan (access required)

A condition of supervised release that requires a total ban on defendant’s viewing of any materials that sexually arouse him, including mainstream media like movies or advertisements, did not run afoul of 18 U.S.C. § 3583(d) because it was meant ...

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Opening mail outside prisoner’s presence supports First Amendment claim (access required)

A pro se prisoner’s claim that his rights were violated was supported by the failure of prison officials to explain the need to check his mail for contraband outside of his presence. Because the infringement of his First Amendment rights ...

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False Claims Act suit triggers ‘medical incident’ coverage (access required)

Where the policy covers “damages resulting from a claim arising out of a medical incident,” a false claims act suit alleging billing for services that were not rendered was within the scope of coverage because the “failure to render” services ...

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