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BIA’s ‘excessively narrow’ nexus analysis improper (access required)

Where the immigration judge focused on why a Honduran gang targeted the petitioner’s family, rather than petitioner herself, that was wrong. Because the record showed that the gang leveraged her familial relationship to her husband, as well as their familial ...

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Failure to address ‘stale’ drug convictions was error (access required)

Where the district court discussed the defendant’s “extensive criminal history,” but never addressed his argument that two California drug convictions that were 34 and 28 years old were stale and should be excluded, his sentence was vacated and the case ...

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Record supported finding that railroad breached good faith duty (access required)

Where a railroad that was party to a guaranteed shipping contract did not expressly breach the agreement, but a jury could have found that its conduct violated the duty of good faith and fair dealing, the declaratory judgment against it ...

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