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Finding that teacher physically abused student affirmed (access required)

Where the Virginia Department of Social Services determined that appellant, a former teacher, “committed level three physical abuse on one of her students[,]” the department complied with the applicable statutes and its internal procedures in making the determination. Further, the ...

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Facially neutral land use regulations don’t violate RLUIPA (access required)

Where Prince William County required 35 categories of entities, including a church, to obtain a special use permit, or SUP, and the other 34 entities were seemingly secular, the church’s facial challenge to the statute failed. Background Prince William County ...

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Denial of church’s zoning application violated RLUIPA (access required)

Where Prince George’s County denied a church’s application for a legislative amendment to the county’s water and sewer plan, that contravened the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, or RLUIPA, because the amendment was a land use regulation subject ...

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ALJ failed to consider disability applicant’s reliance on coach (access required)

Where an applicant for disability and social security benefits has relied on job coaches in the past, it was error for the administrative law judge to not assess whether she would need assistance from a job coach if she moved ...

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Taxpayers lack standing to challenge county cash assistance program (access required)

Where two Maryland taxpayers alleged a Montgomery County cash-assistance program that pays residents, including foreign nationals in the country without documentation, violates a federal statute that prohibits undocumented persons from receiving state and local benefits, the suit was dismissed because ...

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Alleged disabilities not disclosed to schools (access required)

Where the school district agreed on a plan for the student’s development with his parents, and the district received no additional information that there were significant concerns regarding his social or executive functioning skills, it did not violate the Individuals ...

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