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FERC action is trigger for statute of limitations (access required)

Where the Federal Power Act, or FPA, requires the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, to take steps before it can bring claims against those charged with manipulation of the energy markets, the five-year statute of limitations for filing suit ...

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Board erred in awarding permit for Union Hill compressor station (access required)

Where the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board failed to provide a rational explanation as to why it awarded a construction permit for a compressor station in the historic community of Union Hill, reasons offered during litigation were insufficient as a matter ...

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Exemption from building code did not aggrieve appellants (access required)

Where building commissioner determined that a barn used for weddings and events was a “farm building” and thus not subject to inspection as a commercial building, appellants, who operate a nearby equestrian business, cannot challenge the decision under the Virginia ...

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Court has jurisdiction over claim against county (access required)

Where Fairfax County has adopted by resolution its own polices and practices for the procurement of goods and services, the county is wholly exempt from Virginia’s Public Procurement Act. A contractor’s judicial review rights are determined with reference to the ...

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HUD had no duty to intervene in landlord-tenant dispute (access required)

Although a tenant alleged the Department of Housing and Urban Development failed to intervene and prevent her landlord from terminating her lease, HUD regulations do not require the agency to intervene and her claim was dismissed. Background Rebecca Dare Brooks ...

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Denied benefits, woman challenges expert’s testimony (access required)

Although a woman argued her residual functional capacity, which limits her to “simple, routine, repetitive tasks,” conflicted with the vocational expert’s testimony about the category of tasks she is able to perform, there is no inconsistency between her  capacity and ...

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