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Tag Archives: Alleghany County Circuit Court

Legislative immunity shields some subpoenaed documents (access required)

Where defendant served subpoena duces tecum on members of the Alleghany County Board of Supervisors, the commonwealth’s motion to quash is denied in part. Legislative immunity applies to some of the requested documents. Overview This case arises from a petition ...

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Patient at facility was given another patient’s meds – $497,500 Settlement (access required)

The decedent, age 62, had been a resident of Covington Manor, an assisted living facility located in Alleghany County, for approximately 20 years. The decedent had suffered from a lifelong history of substance abuse and mental illness which led him ...

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Jury rejected contrib for worker struck by vehicle – $207,000 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff was working with a leaf pickup crew in Alleghany County when defendant struck plaintiff with his ve­hicle while passing through the work zone. Plaintiff was taken to the emergen­cy room where x-rays confirmed bilateral malleolar fractures, which ultimately re­quired ...

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