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Shorter time frame does not render arbitration pact unconscionable (access required)

Where a truck driver claimed an arbitration agreement involved in resolving a dispute with his employer was unconscionable because it shortened all applicable statutes of limitation to one year, the limited time period was not unreasonably short, and the agreement ...

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Panel did not disregard law in ruling for investors (access required)

Where a broker executed trades on investors’ portfolio margin accounts in clear violation of a rule of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc., or FINRA, the arbitration panel did not manifestly disregard the law by imposing liability against the broker, ...

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Tribal choice-of-law provisions are unenforceable (access required)

Where choice-of-law-provisions required the application of tribal law, they operated as a prospective waiver of a party’s right to pursue statutory remedies and, as a result, violated public policy and were unenforceable. Background In this appeal, the court considers the ...

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Prospective waivers render agreements unenforceable (access required)

Where arbitration agreements included within the terms of payday loans provided for the application of tribal law, to the exclusion of any contrary federal statutory law, the agreements were unenforceable because they prevented a plaintiff from effectively vindicating certain federal ...

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Company’s evidence does not establish arbitration agreements (access required)

The company could not produce arbitration agreements with the named plaintiff and 71 opt-ins. An affidavit about its corporate policy of requiring agreements was insufficient without testimony from persons personally involved in the onboarding process. And while the company produced ...

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Lack of Chinese counsel or interpreter no defense to agreement (access required)

A company president who signed three agreements with a Chinese company that contained clauses requiring arbitration of any disputes in China could not use his unilateral decision not to hire his own Chinese counsel or his own independent Chinese interpreter ...

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