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WDVA: Threatening collection calls lead to award over $15k (access required)

A plaintiff is entitled to actual and statutory damages, attorneys’ fees, and litigation costs arising from debt-collection calls she allegedly received from the defendant, who did not respond. Background Plaintiff Betty West’s lawsuit arises out of a series of interactions ...

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Bankr: Award reduced for excessive billing, duplicative suits (access required)

A bankruptcy court awarded some fees incurred to recover the debtor’s wrongly garnished wages, but said that counsel should have resolved the issue in the bankruptcy proceeding rather than filing two additional adversary suits. Further, especially in light of quarter-hour ...

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4th Cir.: $150,000 sanction on counsel, firms upheld (access required)

Attorneys’ “egregious” conduct was designed to, and did, mislead the district court, the 4th Circuit affirmed. They challenged the authenticity of a loan agreement for two years before revealing that they possessed an identical copy, obtained from their client, before ...

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Va. Cir.: Liability cap applied to attorneys’ fees (access required)

In a contract for services performed that limited the service provider’s liability to the value of the service, any attorneys’ fees awarded also could not exceed the liability cap. Background In September 2012, Plaintiff LAM Enterprises LLC contracted with Defendant ...

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4th Cir.: Preponderance standard governs Lanham Act fees (access required)

As in the Patent Act, a party prevailing on a Lanham Act claim need only prove an “exceptional” case meriting a fee award by a preponderance of the evidence. And no showing of bad faith is required. Background Appellant XYZ.com ...

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EDVA: Fees awarded in Va. Beach neighborhood suit (access required)

Waterfront property owners who brought a groundless claim against their neighbor for working as a state agent to create a special tax district are liable for his attorneys’ fees. Background In this action, the Plaintiffs allege that Defendant Frank Gurdziel ...

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