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Man suffered neck injury as result of wreck on I-495 — $187,500 settlement (access required)

Type of action: Personal injury/car crash Injuries alleged: Herniation of C6-C7 vertebrae of neck Name of case: A.H. v. Y.N. Court: Fairfax County Circuit Court Case no.: 2018-8660 Date resolved: 02/04/2020 Special damages: $106,875.81 in medical bills (contested) Verdict or ...

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Couple going out for dinner hit head-on by Parks & Rec van — $950,000 combined settlement (access required)

Type of action: Personal Injury Injuries alleged: Ankle fracture with open reduction surgery, wrist fracture with surgical repair, sternal fracture, soft tissue injuries to neck and back (wife); anxiety of driving cars, sleep issues and broken and repair finger (husband) ...

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Tractor-trailer pulled out in front of motorcycle — $1,986,884 settlement (access required)

Type of action: Motor vehicle collision Court: Stafford County Circuit Court Verdict or settlement: Settlement Amount: $1,986,884 (remaining liability limits) Attorney(s) for plaintiff (and city): Gregory S. Hooe and Tara A. Enix, Petersburg;  Michele L. Chiocca, Richmond Insurance carrier: National ...

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Woman suffered TBI after car flipped – $1.4 million settlement (access required)

The client, a female in her mid-40s, sustained extensive injuries when the car she was traveling in flipped over. The collision was severe enough to cause the death of one other passenger in the vehicle. The client was diagnosed with ...

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Man rear-ended on I-95 now a paraplegic – $10,575,000 settlement (access required)

Plaintiff, a 70-year-old man, was a restrained driver of a Jeep Wrangler traveling north on Interstate 95 near Fredericksburg when he was rear-ended by a company pickup truck hauling a recreational boat. Plaintiff was pinned in his seat by the ...

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Driver pulled over to change tire, then was struck by motorist – $1 Million Verdict (access required)

The plaintiff had a flat tire prior to the accident. He testified that he pulled over to the side of the road when a commercial vehicle came from behind and struck the back of the plaintiff’s car. The force of ...

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