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Debtor’s adversary proceeding commenced too late (access required)

Where the government began recoupment proceedings in 2008 against a debtor  discharged from the Air Force because she was lesbian in order to recover funds expended on her behalf under the ROTC program, her 2017 challenge to recoupment proceedings was ...

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Sale of estate to auctioneer’s own company not ‘inherently unfair’ (access required)

Although the auctioneer’s own company placed the winning bid on the real property, the sale was not “inherently unfair” because the advertising for the auction, the bidding process and the actual bidding were conducted at arm’s length. However, because the ...

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Shopping center could not reverse assignment of lease to bargain outlet (access required)

Where a bargain outlet purchased a company’s interest in a sublease for a store at a shopping center during an auction held as part of the company’s bankruptcy proceedings, the shopping center could not reverse the sale and prevent the ...

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Order of sale of property approved assumption of lease for that property (access required)

Where an order of sale approved a purchase agreement for debtors to sell certain property, and the agreement provided that the lease for the property would be transferred to the buyer pursuant to assumption and assignment and the debtors would ...

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