Burned out lawyer
Aug 6, 2021

How the legal profession could fight burnout better

When a job takes a toll on your physical health, regulators step in to set certain safety guidelines. But there’s not much help for those of us in jobs that hurt our mental health. Members of the legal profession—including lawyers, paralegals and support staff—face working conditions that could not be worse for our own well-being. […]

May 23, 2021

Survey on burnout in the legal field underway

A 2016 study supported by the American Bar Association confirmed elevated rates of “problematic alcohol use and symptoms of depression” among 13,000 participating practicing lawyers. Five years later, the non-medical condition of “burnout” is getting a similar look. The Institute for Well-Being in Law is sponsoring a research study to help understand burnout, or unmanaged […]

Sep 14, 2020

Work from home “burnout”: What it is, how to manage it

Remote workers are allotted more flexibility to take breaks when they please because, for the most part, they are setting their own schedules – or at least have less rigid structures than they did while being in the office from 9 to 5. But perhaps ditching the commute and “going to work” in your sweatpants isn’t […]

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