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Off the hook: Contractual performance excused due to COVID (access required)


As businesses have suffered and shuttered over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, countless contractual obligations have gone by the wayside. In ensuing litigation, many businesses have sought to escape or limit their liability for contractual nonperformance, citing various considerations ...

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Corporate shares valuation includes commercial leases (access required)

Where the parties agreed to place their separate businesses into a jointly owned corporation, the parties’ business leases are corporate assets and must be included when valuing the corporation’s shares in this dissolution action. Overview Biton and Kreinis are equal ...

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Partnership records demand must state proper purpose (access required)

A limited partner’s demand to inspect partnership records must state a proper purpose for doing so. Overview Plaintiff is a limited partner of defendant Arrowhead Apartments. Plaintiff petitioned to inspect partnership records after becoming concerned about declining profitability, mismanagement and ...

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$1.7 million awarded on unjust enrichment claim (access required)

Where plaintiffs and defendants were guarantors of a defaulted loan, and plaintiffs funded the settlement with the lending bank, defendants are liable to plaintiffs for $1.7 million on an unjust enrichment theory. Background The Coves, the Wallens and the Blacks ...

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EDVA: Plaintiff’s “unclean hands” irrelevant to antitrust relief (access required)

Holding that “unclean hands” is not a defense to equitable relief in antitrust, the court excluded the defendant’s evidence that the plaintiff misappropriated its trade secrets, finding such evidence not probative under Federal Rule of Evidence 402. Background Plaintiff Steves ...

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EDVA: Texas company’s purchase orders established “minimum contacts” (access required)

A out-of-state defendant is subject to the court’s jurisdiction, based on the numerous purchase orders (of large dollar value) that it placed with a Virginia health-care-products company. Background Plaintiff Belmora, a Virginia pharmaceutical company, is suing Defendant Midway Importing Inc. ...

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EDVA: “We buy houses” trademark generic, unenforceable (access required)

A company that obtained a trademark for the phrase “we buy houses” cannot enforce it, because the phrase was used extensively by industry participants to describe a class of services rather than any particular service provider. Background Plaintiff Express Homebuyers ...

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WDVA: Trade-secrets claim against competitor goes forward (access required)

In arranging a site visit from a competitor, a cooking-oil refinery’s attempt to safeguard its technology via prior agreement was only partially successful. Though largely unenforceable, the agreement demonstrated the plaintiff’s desire and reasonable efforts to maintain its technology as ...

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WDVA: Court strikes “faux counterclaims” against non-parties (access required)

In trade-secret litigation concerning a disputed international patent for a sugar substitute, a defendant’s attempt to “join” related counter-defendants was procedurally improper under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 13(h). Background Sugar tastes good. But it’s unhealthy. So companies and scientists ...

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