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Chesterfield County Circuit Court

Jun 14, 2021

Claims against church organizations proceed

Multiple civil claims against church organizations related to a sexual abuse case involving a Colonial Heights church have survived after a Chesterfield County Circuit Court judge overruled demurrers. Judge Frederick G. Rockwell III overruled demurrers brought forth by Immanuel Baptist Church, the Petersburg Baptist Association and the Baptist General Association of Virginia. The groups objected [[...]

Apr 6, 2020

Man, 73, suffered TBI in T-bone wreck – $725,000 settlement

On Dec. 5, 2016, the plaintiff, who was in his 70s at the time of the crash, was working as an auto parts delivery driver for his employer, O’Reilly Auto Parts in Blackstone. He was driving a company car on Route 40 in Blackstone and was approaching the main entrance to Fort Pickett. As he […]

Dec 15, 2019

State Farm’s only offer after head injury was $50K, jury returns $500K – $500,000 verdict

Defendant failed to yield at a stop sign and struck the side of plaintiff’s SUV, causing it to roll over multiple times. Plaintiff was able to crawl out of the vehicle and check on the occupants of defendant’s vehicle. Plaintiff refused treatment at the scene but later went to the ER for a small cut […]

Oct 14, 2019

Allstate paid entire judgment over policy limits – $367,453.45 verdict, plus interest

Plaintiff, 72, was southbound on Chester Road at its intersection with Route 288. Defendant was travelling northbound on Chester Road and attempted to turn left to enter the ramp to Route 288 when she T-boned plaintiff. Two eyewitnesses traveling behind plaintiff testified that plaintiff had a green light. Defendant initially admitted fault to one eyewitness, […]

Apr 8, 2019

Jury returns verdict of $30K more than limits $130,000 Verdict

Linda Neely, the plaintiff in this case, is a 64-year-old, life-long resident of Chesterfield County. She is a widow who lives with her adult son. She spent 32 years as a special education teacher before her retirement. At the time of the collision Mrs. Neely was tremendously active in her church and spent her weekends […]

Jan 12, 2019

Motion to remit fines and costs denied in part

Where defendant has moved to remit fines and costs associated with his plea-based convictions of indecent exposure and three counts of obscene sexual display, the expenses associated with court-ordered sex offender treatment, GPS monitoring and a sex offender polygraph cannot be remitted under Code § 19.2-358 (A-C). The costs of these probation conditions are not […]

Jan 8, 2019

Sex offender treatment costs cannot be remitted

In considering a sex offender’s bid for remittance of treatment expenses, the court found the statute allows remittance of “fines and costs,” but does not extend to costs associated with sex offender treatment class, polygraph tests or a GPS monitor. Background On March 1, 2017, defendant pleaded no contest to one charge of indecent exposure […]

Jan 6, 2019

Key witness backed plaintiff’s account of wreck – $635,500 Settlement

On Sunday, July 17, 2016, the plaintiff was operating her Harley Davidson motorcycle in the middle lane of Hull Street Road in Chesterfield County approaching its intersection with Duckridge Boulevard. The defendant attempted to merge from the right lane into the middle lane. The plaintiff tried to escape to the left lane but the defendant […]

Dec 27, 2018

Dispute in case centered on red light – $100,000 Settlement

This case settled for the policy limits. After waiting for a red light to change to green, plaintiff was broadsided as she followed another car northbound through an intersection across Hull St. Road in Chesterfield County. Her car spun numerous times and landed in front of a vehicle heading southbound across Hull St. Road which […]

Nov 16, 2018

Man sought $800K for aneurysm, got $25K from jury – $25,000 Verdict

In a moderate-impact motor vehicle negligence case, the plaintiff claimed various personal injuries. Plaintiff’s most serious injury was a basilar artery brain aneurysm that required the surgical placement of a stent. The stent then failed, causing a pontine stroke that required additional surgery. Due to the two brain surgeries, plaintiff’s medical bills alone exceeded $408,000. […]

Jul 2, 2018

Man suffered back injury in rear-ender – $329,000 Settlement

Plaintiff was injured in a two vehicle rear-end collision on June 2, 2014. He was stopped in a line of traffic for a red light when the defendant crested a hill, not expecting traffic to be backed up, and ran into the back of plaintiff’s car. Defendant admitted fault at the scene and was charged […]

Sep 12, 2017

Drunken driver’s carriers offer $70K, jury gives $230K – $230,000 Verdict

Kathleen Young suffered a neck injury when her vehicle was hit in the rear by Cantrice Henderson on Hopkins Road in Chesterfield County. At the time of the crash Henderson had a blood alcohol content of .26. Liability was admitted. Young was transported by ambulance to the emergency room and received follow up care from […]

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