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Chesterfield County Circuit Court

Jun 5, 2017

Plaintiff settles slip-and-fall prior to filing suit – $290,000 Settlement

Plaintiff, Age 70, parked her car in the parking lot and went into the foyer of a dental office in Chesterfield County. It rained earlier in the day, but was not raining at the time of the incident. There was no awning on the outside of the building, nor was there a mat outside. There […]

May 23, 2017

On icy day, security officer hit by car while helping with accident – $1,050,000 Settlement

Plaintiff, a conservator of the peace, worked as a security officer for a private company contracted to patrol office parks in Chesterfield County. On March 27, 2014, he was on the job traveling on Midlothian Turnpike westbound between office parks in a 2014 Ford Explorer owned by his em­ployer and equipped with 84 red and […]

Mar 31, 2017

Lawyer who proposed sex is suspended 5 years

A Colonial Heights lawyer has agreed to a five-year suspension of his law license for offering to settle a lawsuit in exchange for sexual favors from the woman he sued. A three-judge Chesterfield County Circuit Court panel accepted the five-year suspension for Neil Kuchinsky in a telephone conference on Feb. 23. The court’s order was […]

Jun 20, 2016

Passenger in T-bone crash suffers mild TBI, memory loss – $65,000 Verdict

Plaintiff was the front-seat passen­ger in her husband’s Toyota sedan, which was T-boned by a ve­hicle going 60 MPH. The plaintiff said 40-45 MPH, but an in­dependent witness said 60. Plaintiff was ambulatory after the crash, but later de­veloped dizziness, severe headaches, and cognitive difficulties. Two ER visits and one PCP visit were made the […]

Apr 25, 2016

Driver pursued by police killed man in hit-and-run – $250,000 Settlement

The decedent was driving with his wife as the front pas­senger through an intersec­tion on Midlothian Parkway in Chesterfield County when another vehicle, driven by the defendant, entered the intersection at a high rate of speed and struck their vehicle. The defendant then immediately fled the scene. Upon information and be­lief, just prior to the […]

Apr 12, 2016

Court to weigh job protection law for service members

The Supreme Court of Virginia will consider whether a federal law designed to protect civilian jobs for part-time military service members applies to state employees. The court has agreed to review the decision by a Chesterfield County judge who denied job protection benefits for a Virginia State Police sergeant. VSP Sgt. Jonathan R. Clark complained […]

Mar 25, 2016

Jury out nine minutes in Chesterfield car wreck case – Defense Verdict

This accident occurred on Labor Day weekend in 2014 at the intersec­tion of White Pine and Belmont Roads in Chesterfield County. Damage to both vehicles was severe and both parties left the scene by ambulance. According to the defendant and the investigating police officer, the plain­tiff made a left turn in front of the defendant’s […]

Mar 21, 2016

Identity theft victim finds justice in civil court

Weary of fighting in vain to protect his good name, the victim of a renegade relative found some help this month with a charitable litigator and a federal judge. Now, the man who took advantage of Brian Collins has a $1.35 million judgment and a federal court injunction hanging over his head. Collins may never […]

Nov 9, 2015

Plaintiff’s pre-existing medical conditions worsened after accident – $1,375,000 Settlement

On Jan. 22, 2013, the plaintiff was operating his 2004 pick-up truck home from a meeting in Surry County. As he was driving westbound on James River Drive, a 2012 Ford traveling eastbound on James River Drive suddenly came across the double yellow lines and struck plaintiff’s vehicle in his lane. The defendant stated, “I […]

Oct 26, 2015

No Temporary Injunction on Noncompete

A Chesterfield Circuit Court denies a company’s motion for a temporary injunction against its former employee who has gone to work for a competitor in plaintiff’s suit alleging misappropriation of “trade secret” customer lists and tortious interference with contract. Plaintiff company’s complaint alleges three counts against defendant and his new employers: count 1 alleges violation [&he[...]

Sep 14, 2015

A shield, but not a sword

A federal law designed to protect the civilian jobs of service members may be of little help to employees who work for the state of Virginia or its agencies. A Virginia State Police sergeant who claimed he was denied promotions after asserting military job protection rights had his case thrown out of court last month. […]

Aug 10, 2015

Plaintiff agreed to carrier’s last offer following mediation – $42,500 Settlement

The 78-year-old plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle making a left turn at a controlled intersection. The defendant was making an opposing right turn. Both drivers claimed to have had a green turn arrow. The defendant’s vehicle struck the plaintiff’s vehicle behind the right front wheel. The plaintiff initially treated at the JW-Chippenham emergency […]

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