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Tag Archives: Civil Practice

Organization awarded fees after challenging ordinance (access required)

Where an antiabortion organization challenged a Charlotte picketing ordinance, and the city then agreed to a consent order that allowed the organization to distribute literature outside an abortion clinic, the organization was entitled to recover its attorney’s fees as a ...

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Dead Man’s statute corroboration requirements (access required)

Where eight consolidated cases present opportunities to apply Virginia’s Dead Man’s statute, the court clarifies the statute’s corroboration requirements. Overview Estate of Lohman has been consolidated with Rosenthal/Bavely. The common thread is application of the Dead Man’s statute. “In Lohman, ...

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Virginia Court of Appeals – Unpublished decisions affirmed per curiam (access required)

Civil Practice “Wesseh argues that the circuit court erred in dismissing her appeal and finding that it did not have jurisdiction over the matter. We find that Wesseh failed to preserve her arguments for appeal. … Wesseh has failed to ...

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