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Aiding and abetting fiduciary breach claims removed to federal court (access required)

State court class actions on behalf of owners of stock in an electric and gas utility, which alleged that the company’s CEO and board members breached their fiduciary duties by agreeing to a merger with an energy-based utility company and ...

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Employees terminated after plant closure could sue as a class (access required)

Employees who were laid off when the manufacturing facility they worked at was closed and claimed that their employer failed to provide adequate notice under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act could bring a class action suit against their ...

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Non-diverse defendant not indispensable (access required)

Where the addition of a new defendant destroyed the court’s diversity jurisdiction and the plaintiff had already obtained a preliminary injunction against another defendant, the non-diverse defendant was severed from the case because, despite having an agency relationship with a ...

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Anonymity not justified to protect reputation (access required)

Where a student’s claims against her university were based on allegations that students and professors at the university falsely maligned her as being mentally disturbed, the potential harm to the student’s professional reputation did not outweigh the public’s interest in ...

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Fee award reduced due to excessive time spent on motion (access required)

Where a defendant was entitled to an award of attorney’s fees because the court had granted the defendant’s motion to compel, the requested fees were reduced because the amount of time defendant’s counsel spent on the motion was excessive given ...

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