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Ex-employees protected by company’s attorney-client privilege (access required)

The plaintiff in an employment discrimination case could not compel two former managers of the company to testify about their conversations with the company’s counsel in preparation for their deposition because the company’s attorney-client privilege shielded those conversations from discovery. ...

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Counsel’s inadequacy leads to denial of class certification (access required)

Attorneys who failed to demonstrate their experience in similar class actions, violated federal and local rules and were deficient in their performance in other cases lack the experience, diligence and discipline necessary to competently represent the proposed class. Background This ...

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Creditor could garnish accounts to collect on contempt order (access required)

A plaintiff was entitled to collect on a contempt award against a national business franchise by garnishing two bank accounts in the franchise’s name because the current owner of the franchise failed to establish that it had actually loaned money ...

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Class certification defects waived by objecting parties (access required)

Although a district court made errors in certifying a defendant class, including failing to timely appoint class counsel or ensuring the requirements of Federal Rule 23 were satisfied, the objecting parties’ failure to timely object to these defects and the ...

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Company’s property maintenance policies were discoverable (access required)

A plaintiff in a premises liability action was entitled to discover the policies and procedures used by the defendant to maintain the safety of its premises at the time of plaintiff’s injury because even though the policies and procedures could ...

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Stepson’s suit against stepmother to remain in Virginia (access required)

A stepson claiming his stepmother tortiously interfered with contracts between him and his father can proceed with his suit in Virginia. Though the stepson failed to establish that his stepmother, who lives in Florida, is essentially at home in Virginia, ...

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