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Class certification defects waived by objecting parties (access required)

Although a district court made errors in certifying a defendant class, including failing to timely appoint class counsel or ensuring the requirements of Federal Rule 23 were satisfied, the objecting parties’ failure to timely object to these defects and the ...

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Company’s property maintenance policies were discoverable (access required)

A plaintiff in a premises liability action was entitled to discover the policies and procedures used by the defendant to maintain the safety of its premises at the time of plaintiff’s injury because even though the policies and procedures could ...

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Stepson’s suit against stepmother to remain in Virginia (access required)

A stepson claiming his stepmother tortiously interfered with contracts between him and his father can proceed with his suit in Virginia. Though the stepson failed to establish that his stepmother, who lives in Florida, is essentially at home in Virginia, ...

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Probate exception no bar to court’s jurisdiction (access required)

A wife alleging her now deceased and often-estranged husband fraudulently transferred marital assets to a trust can pursue her claims in federal court. Because the federal court complaint was filed before the probate court obtained jurisdiction over the property, the ...

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Four class actions transferred to New Jersey federal court (access required)

Four franchisees alleging a national tax preparation company violated the Sherman Act by including certain no-hiring and no-solicitation clauses in standard franchise agreements will have to pursue their cases in a New Jersey federal court after a court held venue ...

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