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Tag Archives: Civil Rights

Jury to decide if sheriffs liable for excessive force and battery (access required)

Where a video showed deputy sheriffs removing the plaintiff from a vehicle with such force that he was carried outside of camera range, and there was a dispute over what caused subsequent injuries suffered by the plaintiff, a jury will ...

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Delaying detainee’s medication isn’t deliberate indifference (access required)

Where a detainee alleged that prison officials acted with deliberate indifference by delaying his receipt of medications, but none of his communications suggested that urgent intervention was required to avoid a risk of harm and there was no evidence officials ...

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Plaintiff’s allegations doom false imprisonment claim (access required)

Where a woman alleged no facts to show law enforcement lacked probable cause to arrest her for providing false information, and her own allegations suggested her equivocal response gave the officers probable cause, her false imprisonment claim was dismissed. Background ...

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Acceptance of erroneous check doesn’t make wife a fiduciary (access required)

Where a pension fund erroneously sent a check to the wife of a deceased union member, her acceptance of that check didn’t necessarily make her a fiduciary under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Background Following her husband’s death, Sandra ...

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Plaintiff drops federal claims to orchestrate return to state court (access required)

Where some employees of Roanoke city jail who were sued for their alleged role in the death of an inmate removed the case to federal court, the plaintiff was allowed to drop her federal claims, leading to the case being ...

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Supervisor not liable for lapse in hormone injections (access required)

Where a transgender detainee alleged a nurse practitioner was liable for the cessation of her hormone injections while she was incarcerated at the Fairfax County adult detention center, her claim was dismissed because there were no allegations showing the nurse’s ...

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