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Tag Archives: Civil Rights

Lack of specificity dooms deliberate indifference claim

Where a detainee asserted deliberate indifference claims against prison and medical officials after his small bowel obstruction allegedly caused a permanent injury, but he made only collective allegations against all “Defendants,” without identifying how each individual defendant personally interacted with ...

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Spotsylvania County officers sued for woman’s suicide

Where Spotsylvania County officers allegedly knew a woman posed a known risk of suicide but failed to check her for weapons, and the woman thereafter killed herself with a hidden gun, her estate’s claims for gross negligence and deliberate indifference ...

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Student can’t show gender played role in discipline

Where a Virginia Tech student filed suit against university officials after he was found responsible for “Sexual Violence-Rape,” his Title IX and 14th Amendment Equal Protection claims were dismissed. The student did not allege any facts that would establish that ...

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Summary judgment denied in detainee’s civil rights suit

Where defendants argued a detainee’s civil rights’ claims were barred because he failed to exhaust his available administrative remedies, but the record was unclear on whether the grievance procedure was actually “available” to him, the motion was denied. Background Wayne ...

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Detainee alleges prison officials favored religions

Where a detainee alleged that officials had a patten of cancelling weekly meetings and special events of his NGE religion, while allowing other religious events to proceed, his equal protection and free exercise claims survived their early motion for summary ...

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4th Circuit finds standing in tester’s ADA suit against hotel

A disabled person with no intention of visiting Baltimore may nevertheless sue a hotel in the city for allegedly violating a federal law requiring that it provide on reservation websites details of its accommodations for disabled guests, a federal appeals ...

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