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Wikileaks disclosure suit against Trump campaign dismissed (access required)

A suit against the Trump campaign for allegedly conspiring with Russia and Wikileaks to hack and release Democratic National Committee emails that included information about the plaintiffs was dismissed. The plaintiffs failed to plead essential facts, and some of their ...

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Government officials immune from surveillance claims (access required)

Senior government officials, including the former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, cannot be held liable for claims they unlawfully used electronic surveillance to spy on a CBS television reporter because such conduct did not violate a clearly established right. Background ...

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Ex-student’s claims against Virginia Tech, officials largely dismissed (access required)

The former student from China on an F-1 visa alleged Virginia Tech and two employees violated his rights by notifying Homeland Security when he dropped below the number of credit hours needed to maintain full-time status and by convening a ...

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Teacher’s assistant’s suit against school board narrowed (access required)

The employee alleged a school board and others violated his civil rights based on a custom or practice that allowed school officials to detain persons with scant evidence of wrongdoing, and that the board failed to properly train its personnel. ...

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