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Tag Archives: Civil Rights

Trial court must consider spoliation sanctions motion (access required)

Where a detainee suing for civil rights violations moved for sanctions after learning that videos of his physical altercation were not preserved, and he timely objected to a magistrate judge’s decision denying his motion, the district court must consider the ...

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‘Open fields’ search doesn’t violate Fourth Amendment (access required)

Where a homeowner alleged a county official violated the Fourth Amendment by entering his property without a warrant, but the property does not contain a home, the entirety of the property is considered an open field and, under the “open ...

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Officials dodge contempt for ‘technical’ violation (access required)

Where a prior consent order between the parties required prison officials to provide a detainee with “prepackaged kosher meals that contain an acceptable kosher certification” from an agreed-upon list of entities, and the prison instead cooked the meals in its ...

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City dodges unreasonable, illegal search claims (access required)

Where a woman plausibly alleged a Richmond detective used excessive and unreasonable force, arrested her without probable cause and illegally searched her purse and home without a warrant, but there were insufficient factual allegations that this was pursuant to an ...

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Protestor’s First Amendment retaliation claim proceeds (access required)

Where a man protesting police brutality in downtown Fredericksburg alleged that officers repeatedly shouted directives at him, causing him to stop his movements, and that he was subsequently detained and issued a citation, he plausibly alleged a First Amendment retaliation ...

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