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Inmate’s inadequate medical treatment claim survives

Where a detainee alleged he sent eight emergency grievances complaining of hand and wrist injuries to the superintendent of the correctional facility, who responded with denials and inaction, the detainee’s deliberate indifference claim survived the motion to dismiss. Background In ...

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Prison health director sued over inadequate dental care

Where the evidence suggested the Health Service Director for the Virginia Department of Corrections, or VDOC, approved a decision to not provide dental care at a correctional facility, causing a detainee to suffer additional pain and his dental condition to ...

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Jury to decide if officer used excessive force during arrest

Where a Chesterfield County officer and a minor disputed the degree of force used during the minor’s arrest, and where the alleged force was excessive under the law, the officer’s qualified immunity motion was denied. Background William Chavis is an ...

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Expert disclosure violations doom indifference claim

Where a detainee asserting a deliberate indifference claim failed to meet the deadline to file an expert report and his treating physicians failed to comply with the requirements of Rule 26(a)(2)(C), the expert and treating physicians were excluded from testifying ...

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