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Student can proceed anonymously against Virginia Tech (access required)

A student involved in a university investigation of alleged domestic and dating violence can proceed anonymously in his civil rights suit against Virginia Tech and university employees because the suit implicates privacy interests, revealing his name could expose him or ...

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Virginia Tech student claims bias in disciplinary process (access required)

Where alleged differences in the way a male student was treated during a domestic violence investigation could lead a reasonable fact finder to conclude that gender bias played a role, the student’s Title IX claim survived a motion to dismiss. ...

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Question of officer’s liability for shooting goes to jury (access required)

A jury will decide if the fatal shot to decedent came from a distance or close range. However, two retired police officers named as plaintiff’s experts must persuade the court that they have sufficient expertise to render an opinion as ...

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Constitutional rights of ‘Unite the Right’ were not violated (access required)

Charlottesville officials did not effectuate a “heckler’s veto” of a Unite the Right rally because plaintiffs – a rally organizer and an attendee – had no constitutional right to state protection from private parties who try to suppress speech and ...

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Staffer who listened to prosecutor, magistrate gets immunity (access required)

Where an investigator with the sheriff’s office did not cause arrest warrants on dog theft and obstruction of justice charges to be issued he was insulated from liability. And where he relied on the opinion of the commonwealth’s attorney and ...

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Deputy sheriff gets no immunity for retaliatory traffic ticket (access required)

Where a woman had complained about a Spotsylvania County Deputy Sheriff, and the deputy sheriff later promised to buy another deputy lunch if he issued a ticket to the woman, the deputy sheriff was not entitled to qualified immunity because ...

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