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Officer still employed can’t claim for lack of due process (access required)

A Chesapeake police officer could not assert a claim for procedural due process based upon continued employment because he is still employed by the Chesapeake police department, or CPD. His assertion that he possesses property interests in serving as a ...

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Farmer’s claims against Warren County and officials largely dismissed (access required)

Where a farmer alleged he was subjected to “unnecessarily aggressive and ultimately frivolous Planning Department enforcement action,” his procedural and substantive due process, equal protection and conspiracy claims were dismissed. His Fourth Amendment claim against a state official who allegedly ...

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Civil rights lawsuit filed against Fauquier deputies (access required)


What started as a short husband-and-wife shouting match in the couple’s driveway has led to a civil rights lawsuit against a deputy sheriff who later arrested the pair. Within less than two minutes of the deputy’s arrival, the husband had ...

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Opening mail outside prisoner’s presence supports First Amendment claim (access required)

A pro se prisoner’s claim that his rights were violated was supported by the failure of prison officials to explain the need to check his mail for contraband outside of his presence. Because the infringement of his First Amendment rights ...

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Defendants did not obstruct justice in prior lawsuits (access required)

The plaintiffs could not claim the defendants conspired to obstruct justice by denying them access to the courts in violation of the First and 14th Amendments because the record shows that the plaintiffs previously filed two lawsuits—a bias suit against ...

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