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Richmond police’s training materials do not reflect deliberate indifference (access required)

The City of Richmond is not liable for the death of a man fatally shot by an off-duty police officer because its training materials did not reflect deliberate indifference, as required to impose liability on the city. The case will ...

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Government officials immune from reporter’s claims (access required)

Senior government officials, including the former Attorney General and the Postmaster General, cannot be held liable for claims they unlawfully relied on electronic surveillance to spy on a CBS television reporter because such conduct did not violate a clearly established ...

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Clinic not liable for its private police’s seizure of employee (access required)

A janitor at mental health clinic who was seized by the clinic’s private police department at his residence, interrogated and allegedly coerced into confessing to lighting matches at the clinic could only pursue a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 claim against the ...

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Prisoner’s death results in deliberate indifference suit (access required)

A suit against prison officials sued for their alleged deliberate indifference in the death of an inmate will continue after the court denied the officials’ motion to dismiss. The officials argued that, because the complaint did not allege facts showing ...

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