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Attorneys’ fees reduced for travel time and lack of success (access required)

Although the civil rights litigation helped set guiding precedent at the intersection of two constitutional rights, the attorney’s hourly rate was reduced to align with those in the district, travel time was compensated at 50% of the usual rate and ...

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Qualified immunity for police who reasonably perceived danger (access required)

Where police officers reasonably perceived their lives were in danger when a pickup truck accelerated in their direction, they were entitled to qualified immunity for an objectively reasonable use of deadly force. Because the use of force was justified, they ...

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No constitutional violation for modest property damage (access required)

Although two stores suffered property damage while law enforcement was executing search warrants, the damage did not rise to the level of a Fourth Amendment violation because it was not “major” and was plausibly connected to the execution of the ...

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Jail employee denied immunity in wrongful death suit (access required)

A correctional officer failed in her bid for early dismissal of a lawsuit brought by the administrator of a deceased inmate because the complaint sufficiently alleged wrongful conduct, including falsifying records and failing to respond to the inmate’s pleas for ...

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