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Lifetime sex offender registration order bars gun ownership (access required)

Where petitioner was convicted of a sex crime that requires him to permanently register as a sex offender, the requirement precludes the restoration of his firearm rights. Background After a plea-based conviction of taking incident liberties with a child, petitioner ...

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Student’s bias claims against college over alleged harassment fails (access required)

A former student’s claim that Lees-McRae College did not sufficiently protect her against sex-based verbal harassment and other conduct was dismissed because the conduct, though “unsettling,” did not rise to the level of “severe or pervasive.” Moreover, the college took ...

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Attempt to wound officer forecloses excessive force claim (access required)

Where a woman previously pleaded “no contest” to the charge of attempted malicious wounding of a police officer, her conviction foreclosed her subsequent excessive force claim against the officer for his conduct after she attempted to wound him.  Background On ...

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Discovery on membership, mission of hospital committees OK  (access required)

Where a plaintiff suing several defendants after a shooting at the Lynchburg General Hospital’s Psychiatric Emergency Center requested documents on the firearms and training policies created by the group that designed the center, and the defendants argued that data was ...

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Prior police shootings not connected to present shooting (access required)

Where a plaintiff suing over the shooting death of a fleeing suspect relied on two 2014 shootings involving sheriff’s deputies, those incidents did not present “[a] pattern of similar constitutional violations” showing deliberate indifference or a conscious choice regarding training. ...

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