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Ex-student’s claims against Virginia Tech, officials largely dismissed (access required)

The former student from China on an F-1 visa alleged Virginia Tech and two employees violated his rights by notifying Homeland Security when he dropped below the number of credit hours needed to maintain full-time status and by convening a ...

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Teacher’s assistant’s suit against school board narrowed (access required)

The employee alleged a school board and others violated his civil rights based on a custom or practice that allowed school officials to detain persons with scant evidence of wrongdoing, and that the board failed to properly train its personnel. ...

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Focus on diet was not deliberate indifference to diabetic (access required)

Although an inmate experienced serious, but short-lived, harm, a doctor’s decision to monitor the inmate’s diabetes and to treat it with diet, rather than medication, did not evidence deliberate indifference to the man’s medical needs.. Background Carey Hixson, an insulin-dependent ...

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Defendants’ appeal based on immunity is premature (access required)

Defendants who collected fines imposed in traffic and misdemeanor cases in municipal court were sued for overseeing and enforcing policies and practices that allegedly violated plaintiffs’ constitutional rights. The defendants could not immediately appeal the denial of their pre-discovery immunity ...

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Correctional center gave constitutionally inadequate medical care (access required)

Inmates at the correctional center and officials from the Virginia Department of Corrections previously reached a settlement agreement that sought to provide for constitutionally adequate medical care. The court concluded, however, that defendants breached that contract in material and significant ...

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Statute tolled on 1983 claim while remedies are exhausted (access required)

Students from the University of Virginia law school persuaded the court to join other circuits in holding the statute of limitations was equitably tolled during the period the prisoner was exhausting his administrative remedies, thus making his § 1983 excessive ...

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