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Landowners’ expert testimony limited in condemnation case (access required)

Where reference to comparable sales was wrong or speculative, possible pipeline hazards are not inherent in an easement and the substance of other appraisals was inadmissible hearsay, the landowners’ expert was barred from testifying on these topics in a condemnation ...

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Antitrust violation calls for unwinding of doorskin merger (access required)

After a jury determined the merger of two manufacturers in the American doorskin market violated the Clayton Antitrust Act, the remedy included unwinding the merger and ordering the sale of the acquired company.  Background JELD-WEN Inc. acquired a competitor, CMI, ...

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State-sanctioned anticompetitive conduct not actionable  (access required)

Because the Virginia legislature has conferred broad authority on local governing bodies to engage in anticompetitive conduct in the EMS vehicle services market, antitrust claims against the City of Richmond, stemming from its denial of an ambulance company’s permit to ...

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No evidence that race affected loan negotiations (access required)

Commercial Conditions requested by the City of Greensboro in connection with a proposed loan to a minority-owned television network were not unreasonable or overly burdensome. Moreover, the network did not present additional evidence establishing “a causal nexus” between any harm ...

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