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Peanut farmers assert processors engaged in price fixing (access required)

Where a group of peanut farmers alleged that processors had a motive to depress the price of Runner peanuts, providing facts connecting issued price offers to the Runner peanut market and alleging efforts to coordinate price offers and conceal actual ...

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Tree-sitters held in contempt must pay attorneys’ fees (access required)

Two people who intentionally squatted in trees in order to protest the construction of a pipeline were held in contempt, fined and ordered to pay all of the pipeline’s attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred in obtaining the contempt order. Background ...

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Nature Conservancy gets most of permanent easement payout (access required)

Nature Conservancy, the holder of a conservation easement on property that has been taken as part of a permanent easement for construction of a natural gas pipeline, will receive the majority of the payout, based on its majority ownership of ...

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Compensation determined for pipeline easement (access required)

The landowners’ bid to delay a trial over compensation for a natural gas pipeline easement failed, as did their untimely effort to supplement discovery. Moreover, because the landowners failed to provide admissible evidence that the amount of just compensation exceeds ...

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Easement granted for construction of natural gas pipeline (access required)

Where a company constructing a 600-mile underground natural gas pipeline required an easement over the defendants’ property, and the landowners failed to respond to the complaint for eminent domain, the company was granted the easement and ordered to pay $133.57 ...

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