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Maryland and DC lack standing to sue president in emoluments suit (access required)

President Trump will no longer face a suit brought by Maryland and the District of Columbia over his alleged violation of the Emoluments clause after the court granted the president’s petition for writ of mandamus and concluded the plaintiffs lacked ...

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Emoluments suit against Trump is dismissed (access required)

After holding it had jurisdiction to entertain President Trump’s appeal from the district court’s decision “effectively” denying his immunity motion to dismiss, the court never reached the immunity question and, instead, held that Maryland and the District of Columbia lacked ...

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Gag clause in settlement agreement violates First Amendment (access required)

Parties who entered into settlement agreements with the city of Baltimore arising out of alleged police misconduct will no longer be bound by a gag clause routinely included in those agreements after the court held the clause was unenforceable and ...

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Injured student could not assert 14th Amendment claim against school (access required)

A student who was significantly injured during gym class while playing a game that had previously injured students could not sue the school board for violating his right to bodily integrity because the school did not have a sufficiently special ...

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Virginia legislature lacks standing to challenge redistricting decision (access required)

After the Virginia Attorney General elected to not appeal a lower court decision holding certain redistricting violated the Equal Protection clause because it was based on race, members of Virginia’s House of Delegates took up the appeal. However, the court ...

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