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SCV: Miranda warning written in Spanish was effective (access required)

Evidence was sufficient to conclude that a Spanish-speaking defendant waived his Miranda rights prior to a police interview. He was given the written warning in Spanish, asked by an interpreter if he understood it, and read it back to officers. Background Detective ...

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CAV: News article on prior trial not testimonial; admissible (access required)

At a defendant’s probation revocation hearing, the circuit court properly admitted information about the defendant’s most recent convictions as reported in a news article read by the prosecutor. The article was written to inform the public, not in anticipation of ...

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SCV: Totality of circumstances justified vehicle search (access required)

When the search of a driver who’d appeared nervous and fidgety produced a digital scale with apparent cocaine residue on it, the circumstances supported probable cause for officers to search his vehicle, where they found drugs and a handgun. Background ...

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EDVA: Devices reasonably seized from Manafort condo (access required)

A warrant to search Paul Manafort’s Alexandria condo and to seize various electronic devices and media related to his bank and tax fraud offenses was constitutional on its face and constitutionally executed. Background At issue in this multi-count bank and ...

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EDVA: Patient proves “horrifying” violations by medical staff (access required)

An involuntarily committed man who suffered from bipolar personality disorder was unreasonably denied necessary therapy, unlawfully restrained due to a nurse’s false report that he’d attacked her, and subjected to multiple severe assaults by another patient who acted at the ...

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4th Cir.: Each wrongly fired officer was a distinct insurance claim (access required)

The district court erred in finding that three police officers, fired in retaliation for their joint action, represented a single claim for municipal insurance purposes. Thus, the per-claim policy limit applied to each officer individually, rather than the trio as ...

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SCV: Successive-murder convictions merit multiple sentences (access required)

A defendant who murdered two victims within three years was subject to conviction and sentencing for both crimes under the statutory provision addressing such successive murders. Although the separate indictments merely changed the order in which victims were named, the ...

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Important Opinions January – June 2018 (access required)


The “Important Opinions” that appear each week on the front page of Virginia Lawyers Weekly are those chosen by our editors as the most likely to impact law practice or a given subject area of law. Below is a listing, ...

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Va. Cir.: Gun seen from beyond “path of consent” will be suppressed (access required)

While officers had the defendant’s explicit consent to search specific rooms in his house and implied consent to take a path leading to those rooms, his firearm was seen only after an officer deviated from that path. Thus, it exceeded ...

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