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Tag Archives: Consumer Protection

Debt collection letter wasn’t misleading (access required)

Where a woman received a debt collection letter titled “NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT IN FULL” that stated the account balance was $0.00, her argument that the letter was misleading failed because the least sophisticated consumer would understand the debt was settled ...

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Informational injury won’t back Fair Debt standing (access required)

Where the plaintiff alleged only an “informational injury” stemming from an  alleged misrepresentation in a letter from a debt-collection company, he lacked standing to assert his claims under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA. Background This is a ...

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Landlord’s law firm sued for violating FDCPA (access required)

Where tenants alleged that Senex Law, a law firm hired by their landlord, made materially false and misleading statements in debt collection notices, the firm’s motion to dismiss was denied. Background Jennifer Lord, Ebony Reddicks and Toniraye Moss have filed ...

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Military Lending Act doesn’t apply to auto finance deal (access required)

Where the Military Lending Act, or MLA, provides that it does not apply to auto finance transactions, a serviceman’s claim that a credit corporation violated the MLA in connection with his purchase of a vehicle was dismissed. Although the Department ...

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Denial of credit sufficient to establish standing (access required)

Where the plaintiff alleged that he suffered emotional distress after he was denied credit because a loan servicing provider inaccurately reported him as arrears on his mortgage, he alleged harm sufficient to establishing standing to sue for violations of the ...

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