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Non-breaching party awarded over $1.6M in attorneys’ fees (access required)

Where an agreement between two parties waived consequential damages but one party breached that agreement and sued for damages between $30-90 million, the non-breaching party was entitled to recover over $1.6 million in attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in defending ...

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Inventor alleges company used trade secrets (access required)

The inventor of a portable drain cleaning tool has sued its former distribution partner, alleging it breached a nondisclosure agreement and used confidential information to develop a competing product.  Background Plaintiffs C. Charles Gallo, CDC Products Inc. and Quality Innovations ...

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Ongoing settlement discussions with third party not discoverable (access required)

Where the plaintiff in a breach of contract case sought to discover settlement discussions between the defendant and a third party, the defendant was granted a protective order. It was not clear the settlement information was relevant to the case ...

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Guarantors liable for balance of unpaid development loan (access required)

Where the bank showed the borrower breached three enforceable notes for development financing, and that the defendants had both signed guarantees, judgment was entered against the defendants for $864,536.61. Background Fulton Bank N.A. seeks judgment against two guarantors for amounts ...

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