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Trustee removed from estate after alleged misuse of funds — $1,072,000 verdict

Type of action: Conversion of trust and estate assets, removal of trustee Injuries alleged: $253,000 of trust and estate assets converted by trustee, recovery of $820,000 of real estate under trustee’s control Name of case: Shiroma v. Shiroma Court: Stafford ...

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Lawyer is tagged for conversion

A Roanoke lawyer is fighting a ruling that he cheated families of his deceased former law partners out of their shares of a once-forgotten stock certificate. A trial judge imposed compensatory and punitive damages against G. Nelson Mackey that – ...

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Successor trustee recovers funds transferred from trustee – $3.3 Million Verdict

Plaintiff, the successor trustee of a family trust, sued the defendant, the former trustee of the family trust, for transferring over five million dollars out of the family trust’s account at a federal credit union. Taking into account funds that ...

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Shareholder used company finances for personal expenditures – $1,029,655 Verdict

Defendant Amy Ross was a 50 percent shareholder of Design Works Interiors Inc. and the president of the company. The other fifty percent shareholder was Leslie Sargent. Ross and Sargent were close friends. Over a period of seven years, Ross ...

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