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The new normal: Juror safety, backlog are concerns in Northern Virginia (access required)


With more than 35 million Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19, a return to some semblance of pre-pandemic life appears to be on the horizon. Along with that new normal comes a pressing issue for courts across the commonwealth: returning to ...

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Court gives potentially sanctionable conduct a pass as result of pandemic-related uncertainty (access required)


As we enter our ninth month of the pandemic and COVID-19 numbers are surging across the country, lawyers and judges alike are bracing for newfound full or partial shutdowns. If and when the shutdowns occur, our court systems will undoubtedly ...

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Virginia circuit court system moving slowly on jury trials (access required)

Steven Emmert

As most of the circuit courts in Virginia’s population centers are either preparing for or actively resuming jury trials, the bulk of Virginia courthouses still have not received jury trial approval from the Supreme Court. As of Nov. 9, 27 ...

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How to combat ‘Zoom fatigue’ (access required)

(blicsejo/Deposit Photos)

“Our senior leaders want us to have our teams do a six-hour online training program. I know that it’s necessary to cover this material — and doing it all at one time is the way it’s always been done — ...

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