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Apr 29, 2014

Virginia In-House

Virginia Lawyers Weekly is pleased to present “Virginia In-House,” a special supplement to the April 28, 2014 paper. This 8-page B-Section is sponsored by the Alexandria law firm of DiMuroGinsberg PC. Articles from the 2014 in-house section present some of the important issues for corporate counsel: Private practice to in-house: what the transition looks like. […]

Apr 29, 2014

Best practices for avoiding data breach liability

Data breaches and cyber-attacks are an unfortunate reality. In the past few years, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Wyndham Hotels have all faced data security breaches. Now, security breaches are an increasing threat to all businesses. In May of last year, Yahoo Japan notified users that a breach may have compromised 22 million user IDs, and […]

Apr 29, 2014

Strategy looms large in noncompete arena

One of the most difficult and critical decisions lawyers must make is deciding who to sue. Though it’s arguably the first decision in any lawsuit, when it comes to suing to enforce restrictive covenants such as non-competition agreements, the choice is especially critical. A decision on whether a business should sue its former employee, its […]

Apr 29, 2014

Upcoming IP decisions that should be on in-house counsel’s radar

This term is a very active one for the U.S. Supreme Court in the area of intellectual property law.  The court has seven cases on its docket dealing with various issues of patent, false advertising, and copyright law.  Below is a quick primer on some of these cases, which are expected to have a significant […]

Apr 29, 2014

When business interruptions occur, whose liability is it?

The recent spate of weather-related casualties has caused many business owners to re-examine their business interruption insurance coverage, and now even the most bottom-line-focused entrepreneurs are thinking inclusion of this type of coverage may be money well-spent. The allocation of risk of loss under a commercial lease is fairly well settled. Exposure for rent loss […]

Apr 29, 2014

Private practice to in-house: what the transition looks like

Just under two years ago, I went in-house as the employment compliance attorney at Quicken Loans. I made this move after 16 years in private practice as an employment and labor defense attorney. It’s no secret that Quicken Loans’ founder, Dan Gilbert, is devoted to the city of Detroit and moved all of his Rock […]

Mar 27, 2014

Housing agency’s lawyer can’t get Virginia bar card

The Virginia State Bar has reversed itself on whether the in-house lawyer for Richmond’s public housing authority can be licensed or certified under the corporate attorney registration rule. The VSB at first granted Michelle W. Waller a provisional corporate counsel certificate, then revoked it two days later. The bar said that a lawyer for a […]

Jul 31, 2013

In firm, in-house internship lets W&L law student see both sides

BALTIMORE, MD — Some law students spend their summers working at law firms. Others work in-house for a company’s legal department. One intern in Baltimore got to do both. The eight-week internship was a combined effort by McGuireWoods LLP’s Baltimore office and Exelon Corp., one of the law firm’s clients. In the first year of […]

Sep 14, 2012

Offering CLE one way to get in front of in-house counsel

What’s better than a free lunch? Free CLE. If a law firm wants to get in front of a potential big-ticket corporate client, there’s no better way than offering a program that lets their in-house lawyers score easy CLE credits just before the deadline. A large Virginia-based corporation likely has lots of Virginia-admitted lawyers who […]

Jul 23, 2012

Applicants don’t ‘like’ requests for social-media access

Social media clearly has changed the way we interact with each other. We offer up-to-date commentary about the details of our lives with BlackBerries, iPhones, smart phones and other devices.  And we can say what we want without fear of reprisal in the workplace because we limit access to that information to a select group […]

Jul 23, 2012

Employees conspiring to steal your business?

Every corporate counsel knows that departing employees often take some form of an employer’s confidential and proprietary information to use at their next job. It is a fact of business and to some limited extent, little can be done (cost-effectively) to wholly prevent some of a company’s know-how from leaving with an employee. It is […]

Jul 23, 2012

IP litigation: What every in-house lawyer needs to know

Intellectual property is one of the most complicated areas of law. Love it or hate it, at some point or another every in-house lawyer is going to be faced with some type of IP dispute. It may be necessary to fend off an attack on a company’s business practices and defend against accusations of trademark, […]

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