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‘Tolled and extended’: COVID tolling applies to all statutes of limitations

Clock ticking

In a matter of first impression, the Court of Appeals of Virginia has reversed a lower court’s dismissal of a personal injury complaint where the plaintiff relied on the Supreme Court of Virginia’s COVID-19 judicial emergency orders to toll the ...

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Constitutional challenge of school COVID policy fails

All claims filed by parents challenging a now defunct Fairfax County Public School’s COVID quarantine policy have been dismissed by a Virginia federal court. The parents’ primary argument was that the policy violated equal protection because it treated their unvaccinated ...

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Changing times: Virginia courts modify pandemic guidelines

The Virginia Supreme Court and Virginia Court of Appeals have modified their operations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Both courts have plans to resume in-person oral arguments while maintaining many of the safety protocols, including social distancing and limiting access to ...

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COVID closures not covered by policy

An insurance company’s motion for summary judgment was granted after a federal judge ruled that the insurance policy as written did not cover losses related to closures caused by COVID-19 orders. The plaintiffs sought nearly $11.5 million in “business interruption ...

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Policy’s virus exclusion bars COVID coverage

An insurer’s virus exclusion barred a beauty salon’s claims for business losses related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The salon sought coverage under its business loss policy for losses suffered when it closed because of COVID-19 orders. But Judge Robert E. ...

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Virginia adopts updated COVID-19 workplace safety rules

Much attention has been placed on efforts at the federal level to control the spread of COVID-19 in the country’s workplaces, including President Joe Biden’s announcement in early September that workplaces of more than 100 workers would have to require ...

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