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Documents provided during plea negotiations excluded (access required)

Where the government alleged the defendant provided fraudulent documents to the government via his attorney, but the documents were provided while the parties were discussing and negotiating a written plea offer and statement of facts, they were excluded by Federal ...

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‘Safety valve’ provision rejected in drug-gun case (access required)

There was sufficient evidence for the trial court to conclude that firearms found in appellant’s home were connected to his illegal drug sales. The court correctly rejected his request to apply the statutory “safety valve” provision regarding firearms in connection ...

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Confidential informant’s testimony was reliable (access required)

Where appellant was convicted of a drug offense, based, in part, on a confidential informant’s testimony about a controlled drug buy, her testimony was reliable and sufficiently supports the conviction. Appellant’s argument Appellant “Campbell argues that Slusher’s [the informant’s] testimony ...

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No retroactive application of sentencing limitation (access required)

Where the court revoked appellant probationer’s two-year previously suspended sentence, it was not limited to imposing a 14-day sentence for his technical violations. The statute imposing such limitation did not become effective until after his violations. Appellant’s due process argument ...

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