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Record sealed to protect identity of cooperating inmate (access required)

Where an inmate who had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to cocaine-related crimes provided “substantial assistance” to the government, he was entitled to have a pleading about his efforts sealed and removed from online research services. There was a heightened risk ...

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No speedy trial violation despite six-year delay between charge and plea (access required)

A defendant charged with federal illegal reentry from Mexico pleaded guilty to a crime committed during his prior presence in the U.S. The guilty plea waived his right to assert that a six-year delay between the charge and his plea ...

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U.S. can’t offer rebuttal after waiving initial closing argument (access required)

Where the government opted to not make an initial closing argument, it should not have been allowed to make a rebuttal closing argument after the defendant’s closing. But because the defendant did not show he was prejudiced by the altered ...

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Defendant not excused from community service requirement (access required)

Although the court has the discretion to dismiss defendant’s case even though he has not completed the required 100 hours of community service, the court will instead extend the time for completing community service by six months. Background Defendant was ...

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