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CAV: Post-stop consent to search vehicle was valid (access required)

After being released with a verbal warning for a broken brake light and driving on a suspended license, a reasonable person in the defendant’s position would have felt free to leave. Therefore, his consent for a vehicle search was valid, ...

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CAV: Attempt is “punished as larceny,” qualifying for enhancement (access required)

Attempted petit larceny qualifies as a felony recidivist “third or subsequent offense” under Code § 18.2-104, meriting an enhancement sentence. Background At trial, the Commonwealth presented evidence that Appellant Fred Coleman was attempting to steal a bicycle when the victim ...

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CAV: Visiting house didn’t support probable cause for arrest (access required)

The circuit court did not err in suppressing evidence stemming from an arrest that lacked probable cause. Despite the defendant’s proximity to the house at the time of arrest, the fact that his mother and brother lived there, the fact ...

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CAV: No double jeopardy under new SCOTUS ruling (access required)

Like the petitioner in Currier v. Virginia, a defendant who voluntarily requested to sever and continue one of the charges against him for strategic reasons could not prevail on his claim that the second trial violated double jeopardy principles, either ...

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4th Cir.: Sentence-reduction motion was in feds’ discretion (access required)

By the unambiguous terms of a plea agreement, the government had discretion to determine whether the defendant had complied with his obligation under the agreement to give full and complete testimony when asked. Given this discretion, it was not required ...

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4th Cir.: No late substitute for unconstitutional predicate (access required)

After U.S. Supreme Court precedent invalidated one of the defendant’s three predicate convictions mandating a sentence enhancement under the Armed Career Criminal Act, his sentence could not be sustained by a “substitute” conviction that appeared on his pre-sentence report but ...

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