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Immigration attorney convicted for distracting court conduct (access required)

Where an immigration attorney raised multiple challenges to her conviction for refusing to comply with directions from an immigration judge and a courtroom bailiff to cease distracting conduct during an immigration proceeding, the record demonstrated her conduct was sufficiently disruptive. ...

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Unlinked: Prosecutors renounce funding incentives to pile on charges (access required)


One aspect of the 2020 Virginia criminal justice reform agenda may already have been achieved, even as reform legislation was parked for a year. Virginia prosecutors responding to a call for revision of the state’s formula for allocating staff positions ...

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Firearm convictions affirmed (access required)

Upon consideration of the record, briefs, and argument of counsel, the Court is of the opinion that there is no error in the judgment of the Court of Appeals. Howard Allen Groffel (“Groffel”) was convicted in a bench trial in ...

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Court will give jury instruction to cure ‘Brady’ violation (access required)

Where defendant moved to quash a murder indictment because of the commonwealth’s untimely disclosure of exculpatory evidence, the court will deny the motion but will give the jury an adverse inference instruction regarding the evidence. Overview Defendant Gonzalez was indicted ...

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Bond for DWI suspect was unconstitutional (access required)

The general district court’s imposition of a $2,500 cash or surety bond as a condition of defendant’s release after being arrested for driving while intoxicated was an unconstitutional application of Virginia’s statutory bail bond scheme. As a matter of discretion, ...

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