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New York robbery conviction qualified as ‘crime of violence’ (access required)

Because New York’s robbery statute required the use or threatened use of violent physical force, the defendant’s prior conviction for first degree robbery in New York was sufficient to impose the career offender sentencing enhancement under the Sentencing Guidelines. Background ...

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Motion to remit fines and costs denied in part (access required)

Where defendant has moved to remit fines and costs associated with his plea-based convictions of indecent exposure and three counts of obscene sexual display, the expenses associated with court-ordered sex offender treatment, GPS monitoring and a sex offender polygraph cannot ...

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‘Good cause shown’ in gun rights restoration case (access required)

Petitioner, a convicted felon whose civil rights have been restored, will have his right to possess firearms and ammunition reinstated because he has met Code § 18.2-308.2’s “good cause shown” standard as determined by the court’s evaluation of “a non-exhaustive ...

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Attendance at two prior driving revoked trials backs third conviction (access required)

In rejecting a woman’s challenge to being found guilty of driving after forfeiture of her license, the court said the evidence showed she had twice been convicted for driving on a revoked license, and had notice of these prior convictions ...

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