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‘Injudicious’ remarks about dogfighting do not require recusal (access required)

Although a judge’s comments about pit bulls and dogfighting made after vivid photos and videos were presented during the sentencing of defendants convicted of dogfighting and drug-trafficking offenses were “injudicious,” they did not require recusal. Nor were the sentences procedurally ...

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Eyewitness identification expert’s testimony partially excluded (access required)

Proffered testimony from an eyewitness expert was properly excluded because in one instance, the issue of eyewitness confidence was within the jurors’ common experience, and in another instance, the expert discussed the concept of unconscious transference but stated this did ...

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Defendant in bank fraud schemes entitled to resentencing (access required)

Where a defendant convicted in two bank fraud schemes was sentenced under an enhancement that applies when the criminal proceeds are derived from financial institutions, but the proceeds in this case came from third-party purchasers of properties, he was entitled ...

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