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4th Cir.: Board didn’t explain change in deportation standard (access required)

A Board of Immigration Appeals decision effectively adopting a new standard for “crimes involving moral turpitude” could not rely on the new standard without offering good reasons for the change and addressing its retroactive effect. Background Petitioner Pedro Josue Jimenez-Cedillo, ...

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4th Cir.: In sentencing, conspiracy not a “crime of violence” (access required)

A defendant’s prior conviction for conspiracy to commit murder in aid of racketeering did not necessarily establish that he’d committed a “crime of violence” for purposes of federal sentence enhancement. Because conspiracy in the racketeering context does not require an ...

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EDVA: Removal order unfair without notice of voluntary option (access required)

A defendant’s indictment for illegal re-entry was dismissed because the underlying removal order was entered without advising the defendant of his possible eligibility for voluntary removal. Background In 2011, U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement took custody of Defendant Leodan Itehua, ...

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EDVA: Firearm discovered in Terry stop suppressed (access required)

Police responding to gunfire in a Richmond neighborhood unreasonably detained a group of men walking away from where they heard shots. As a result, a firearm discovered after police detained the defendant was suppressed. Background Defendant Billy Curry was indicted ...

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WDVA: Warrant for iPhone search had to relate to charges (access required)

A defendant charged with drug distribution crimes was not entitled to impose search parameters on the government’s search for content on his iPhone beyond the requirement that the search must relate to his specific criminal violations. Background Defendant Akeem Brewer ...

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CAV: Probable cause does not require direct evidence (access required)

Despite a lack of direct evidence of criminal activity, a warrant authorizing the search of the defendant’s home was supported by numerous facts which, taken together, created a “fair probability” of the defendant’s illegal drug activity. Background Officer Jon McKay ...

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