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No “Brady’ violation in habeas case (access required)

Where petitioner seeks habeas corpus relief on the basis that the commonwealth violated the Brady rule by withholding impeachment evidence, petitioner has not conclusively established that counsel never received the evidence. The circuit court correctly determined there was no Brady ...

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Other-acts evidence correctly admitted at burglary trial (access required)

Where the trial court admitted other-acts evidence – an uncharged burglary – at appellant’s burglary trial under the modus operandi exception to the general rule barring evidence of other criminal acts, appellant’s appeal is not properly before the court. His ...

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Police didn’t use impermissible ‘two step’ tactic to get confession (access required)

A defendant lost his motion to suppress because the record contained no evidence that law enforcement officers intentionally or deliberately waited to advise him of his rights under Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966) until he admitted to criminal ...

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