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Conviction for failing to reregister as a sex offender upheld (access required)

Where an officer’s testimony and a record keeper’s affidavit demonstrated that the defendant missed a sex-offender reregistration date, and the defendant’s statements to the officer that he thought he had mailed the form in gave rise to a presumption that ...

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White supremacists fail to upset Charl0ttesville-related indictment (access required)

The defendants, who are associated with the white-supremacist Rise Above Movement, were indicted for knowingly traveling in interstate commerce to incite a riot; promoting and carrying on a riot; and committing acts of violence and encouraging others to do the ...

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Illegal reentry charge dismissed due to invalid underlying removal order (access required)

Where a defendant had signed a stipulation of removal waiving his rights to a hearing, attorney and appeal that was ambiguous as to whether the waiver was voluntary, knowing and intelligent, and the immigration judge failed to make an explicit ...

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‘Fugitive tolling doctrine’ extended term of supervised release (access required)

The expiration of the defendant’s period of supervised release did not mean the district court lacked jurisdiction to sentence him for violating an element of that release because the supervised release term was tolled during the period when the defendant ...

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Officer had reasonable suspicion to stop vehicle (access required)

An officer’s reasonable suspicion to stop the defendant’s vehicle was supported by multiple facts, including information from reliable sources that the driver possessed a weapon on school grounds, his attempt to drive away when the officer arrived and the officer’s ...

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Former police officer’s conviction for bribery stands (access required)

A former police officer allegedly pressured a confidential informant for sex in exchange for remaining out on bond. Because the intangible value of the conduct was at least $5,000, which was the statutory minimum for the bribery conviction, the conviction stands. ...

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