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EDVA: Voter intimidation, defamation claims survive dismissal (access required)

Two publications purporting to reveal widespread voter fraud have given rise to a viable lawsuit. The published materials (called Alien Invasion I and II) allegedly reported falsely that specific individuals, identified by name and other personal information, had registered and/or voted illegally in ...

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WDVA: Buffet worker’s theft accusations could be defamatory (access required)

A woman and her mother sufficiently alleged defamation by a Golden Corral server, who publicly accused them of hiding food in their purses. But the court dismissed their claim for contract interference on account of their race and also struck ...

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4th Cir.: High defamation standard applies to school board employee (access required)

Based on her responsibilities as set forth in the Virginia Code, a school board’s Director of Budget & Finance was a “public official” who had to show actual malice to prove that a TV news station defamed her. She failed ...

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4th Cir.: Fired officers’ due process claims can proceed (access required)

Under clearly established law, publication of public safety officers’ allegedly defamatory termination letters to the media before holding a name-clearing hearing supported the officers’ claims of due process violations. Background During the summer of 2014, Officers with the Bald Head ...

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Va. Cir.: Amended anti-SLAPP fee provision not retroactive (access required)

A Yelp reviewer who successfully defended against defamation claims couldn’t claim attorneys’ fees under Va. Code § 8.01-223.2 because 2017 amendments weren’t retroactive, a Virginia circuit court held. Background Defendant Jeremiah Jones retained Plaintiff Will Nesbitt Realty LLC to assist him in renting a ...

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Virginia Tort Claims Act used in defamation suit – $125,000 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff alleged in a complaint filed pursuant to the Virginia Torts Claims Act that a report published online by a state agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia in March 2013 defamed her. The jury found that the defendant had committed ...

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