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Failure to raise mootness dooms custody ruling challenge (access required)

Although a guardian ad litem challenged the lower court’s dismissal of a case involving protective orders for three minor children before he could present evidence affecting the father’s attempts to gain custody, he did not raise the issue of mootness ...

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Child support includes veterans’ disability benefits (access required)

The court reaffirmed a prior decision holding veterans’ disability benefits are included in calculating child support. A 2017 decision from the United States Supreme Court, the court held, did not affect this holding because that decision did not involve the ...

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Husband’s loss in income justified modification of support (access required)

Where the original amount of child and spousal support agreed to by the parties and included in the divorce decree exceeded the husband’s current total income, and there was no finding that the husband was voluntarily underemployed, the change in ...

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Divorce agreement reformed to provide wife with medical benefits (access required)

Where a couple’s separation agreement provided that the husband was responsible for procuring and maintaining a specific medical coverage plan for the wife because the parties mistakenly believed that the wife would be eligible for coverage under that plan, the ...

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Wife not entitled to discovery after equitable distribution hearing (access required)

Where a wife’s counsel withdrew prior to an equitable distribution hearing and the wife was given 11 months to retain new counsel before such hearing was held, the denial of her request for additional discovery, made more than six months ...

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Wife owed higher payments after husband’s benefits increased (access required)

Where a property settlement agreement provided that the wife was entitled to one-half of the monthly disability and retirement benefits her husband was receiving, and the amount of the husband’s monthly benefit increased after the divorce became final, the wife ...

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