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Counsel had implicit authority to stipulate property value (access required)

In this divorce action, the trial court correctly ruled it could receive counsels’ stipulations as to property value but erred in part regarding determinations that certain real estate was husband’s separate property. The court also erred it classifying husband’s purchase ...

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‘Wife’ of 18 years barred from getting pension (access required)


Even though a couple married and lived together as husband and wife for 18 years, the wife cannot collect on her deceased husband’s nearly $722,000 pension because – unbeknownst to her – the husband had never divorced his previous wife. ...

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Wife awarded attorney’s fee related to custody and support (access required)

Where the issue of attorney’s fees related to custody, visitation and child support were bifurcated from the underlying divorce matter, the court concludes that wife is entitled to an attorney’s fee. However, the court will apply a 30 percent reduction ...

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Nanny’s full cost properly added to support award (access required)

The trial court correctly included a nanny’s full salary as a child-care cost when calculating child support guidelines. Wife’s requested child-care costs were employment-related and reasonable. Overview The parties married in 2000 and separated in 2018. They have three minor ...

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Lawyer is disqualified in complex divorce case (access required)


A Reston lawyer has been sidelined from representing a husband in a contentious and complicated Loudoun County divorce action because of his prior representation of a former friend of the husband. The husband accused the former friend of having an ...

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Divorce correctly granted on grounds of cruelty (access required)

The trial court properly concluded “that husband’s pattern of behavior, culminating in the battery for which he was convicted, would ‘cause [a] reasonable apprehension of serious danger in the future’ or would be ‘likely to be repeated.’ … Therefore, the ...

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Equitable distribution and income rulings affirmed (access required)

Where the parties have made multiple assignments of error regarding the court’s rulings on equitable distribution, valuation of property and calculating income for child support purposes, the trial court’s rulings are affirmed. Husband’s appeal Husband asserts the trial court’s apportionment ...

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Ex-spouse cannot buy interest in marital home (access required)

The court denies defendant’s motion for a declaratory judgment allowing him to buy out his ex-wife’s interest in the former marital home. Overview The parties’ marital settlement agreement, which was incorporated into the final divorce decree on Jan. 19, 2016, ...

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