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Alleged paramour’s existing information must be disclosed (access required)

Where wife counterclaimed for a divorce on grounds of adultery, husband’s alleged paramour cannot claim a Fifth Amendment privilege in response to a civil subpoena duces tecum for existing personal, private information, even if such information is incriminating. However, the ...

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Alleged abuse of daughters not grounds for cruelty (access required)

Where wife has counterclaimed for a divorce on grounds of cruelty, her allegations that husband sexually abused the parties’ daughters when they were minors, and the effect this had on wife, “do not constitute cruelty for purposes of divorce under ...

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Mother awarded sole legal custody after lengthy dispute (access required)

Where the parties have been litigating custody and visitation matters regarding their minor child since 2009, the court awards mother sole legal custody. The court further orders that mother is “the keyholder and tiebreaker as to any visitation dispute” and ...

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Trial court lacked jurisdiction to reconsider support rulings (access required)

The trial court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to decide mother’s motions to reconsider child support rulings. Further, mother did not file a timely notice of appeal to challenge the underlying orders. As a result this court lacks jurisdiction to consider ...

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Income is proper factor to apportion marital debt (access required)

Where the trial court considered the parties’ incomes when apportioning the marital debt, this was a proper consideration under the “catch all” provision of Code § 20-107.3(E). Further, there was no error in the trial court’s methodology for determining wife’s ...

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