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Husband’s spousal support obligation eased (access required)

Where wife’s income and expense worksheet “exaggerates her need for financial support,” the court will modify its previously issued pendente lite spousal support award. Prior proceedings The parties were married in August 2014. They have no children but wife has ...

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Emancipation immaterial to changing pendente lite order (access required)

Where husband seeks to modify a pendente lite order concerning his child support obligation, the fact that the children are now emancipated does not bar modification. A pendente lite order may be modified at any time while the divorce action ...

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Separations, reconciliations did not nullify postnup agreement (access required)

The parties’ postnuptial agreement was not abrogated by their separations and reconciliations. The circuit court erred by relying on Code § 20-155 to conclude otherwise because the postnuptial agreement was neither a separation agreement nor a property settlement agreement. Overview ...

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‘Well-settled’ child stays in U.S. over dad’s protest  (access required)

A child whose mother refused to return her to Honduras following their visit to the United States and whose father petitioned for her return, will remain here. The father delayed in filing his petition, and the child is now well-settled. ...

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Husband remains liable for marital debt despite refinancing (access required)

Where the parties’ property settlement made husband liable for all marital debts, his subsequent loan default and post-marriage refinancing by both husband and wife did not make wife responsible for half of the new loan. Overview During the parties’ marriage, ...

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Acceptance of divorce agreement waived appeal (access required)

Where appellant wife claims the trial court should have granted her a continuance and allowed her to introduce evidence concerning equitable distribution and determination of assets and debts, her acceptance of a settlement agreement that was incorporated into the divorce ...

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